Freelancing is a great way to make a living.

Freelancing offers a veritable opportunity to earn money online but you need to have what to offer.

Freelancing platforms are marketplace for selling skills and buying competency.


How do you go about acquiring the right skills, high-income skills these days with an abundance of opportunities like never before and a load of distractions here and there?


No doubt, freelancing offers great opportunities to make money to such an extent that leaves no excuse for anyone who has access to the internet, smartphones, and laptops.


I have seen many First-class graduates who opt for freelancing and they are ranking in cool dough big time. Same way, I have met many people with average brilliance excelling in the world of freelancing.


You get little to no excuse not to succeed in making legit money online, you just need to open up yourself to relevant info, follow the trends, build up a high-income skill set and sell your skills.


Hence, building your skillset is one of the critical success factors in freelancing, you can’t sell want you don’t have and it takes time to build competency.


To build up your skill sets from the ocean of knowledge available online these days, you need the following:



Passion is long considered an essential ingredient for success in any endeavor. It keeps you going when the going gets tough, boring, and monotonous.


You are never too old to start a new career or embark on a new skill acquisition. Anybody that thinks otherwise is guilty in my humble opinion of age discrimination.


I know a lecturer who takes her side hustle as a blogger. I know another one, a Ph.D. holder who takes book formatting and editing as his side hustle.


It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, leverage your prior knowledge, available learning resources (Facebook, Google & YouTube), freelancing platforms, reinvent yourself over and over again until you find your passion. Then, turn this into a money-making opportunity.

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Always consider your prior knowledge before starting that new career. Before you choose that new career or what to sell as a freelancer, consider your existing knowledge, qualifications, and experience.


For instance, as a marketing graduate or professional, I find it easy to acquire more knowledge on any components of digital marketing. I think a psychology graduate will find it interesting to learn and excel in copywriting or persuasive marketing. A graduate of English will also find editing and writing services easy.


Going for technical writing would surely be a herculean task for someone like me considering my prior knowledge. Of course, I don’t rule out some exceptions and most especially people with exceptional brilliance.



What’s your purpose for seeking new skills or entering a new career? For most, it’s to secure financial freedom or breakthrough, for some to cater to exigent circumstances, for some to get money to keep them alive.


It’s always important to define your freelancing goals. Setting goals is an integral part of choosing a new career or skill that’s right for you.


After all, if your freelancing pursuit doesn’t fit your personal goals, you probably won’t be happy waking up each morning and trying to make the pursuits a success.


Sooner or later, you’ll stop putting forth the required efforts needed to make freelancing worthwhile.



It takes time and persistence to accomplish any worthwhile adventure in life, same with freelancing. It takes time to succeed online, you need to build the right skills, build competency, make the right connections, search for productive hacks, market yourself creatively and aggressively.


Freelancing persistence


It requires a dose of patience and persistence to succeed online, freelancing isn’t a quick money syndrome as some people make it appears.


Go for gold this 2022, be intentional in seeking high-income skills, be intentional in making money online, be intentional in solving your money problem yourself.


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